training components...


THIS is what your trainer should be doing for you


BMI, BMR, body composition, find out where your strengths and weakness are so you can custom tailor your workout program. Measure your progress with quantitive results that you will see and feel.

strength training

above all, we want a program that builds strength, not starvation or methods that may  be dangerous.

you want to build a foundation for permanent , healthy change. We will  use various kinds of resistance to increase muscular development...

free weights

focus on symmetry and unilateral development, isometric and polymeric exercises with free weights , variable resistance machines and cable machines. I will show you how to optimize your efforts with proper muscle mechanics.

Cardiovascular strength

measured for your particular goals, your cardio vascular  activity is a key component to overall strength and weight control. I like to show you how to perceive your exertion and measure your target heart rate for optimum results


mind & body connection. Proper stretching, breathing, awareness of your motions with and without weights

and meditation

mesocycles & microcycles

learn the method of your biorhythmic pattern to supercharge your program. learn about periodization, and how to vary your training to keep your body adapting to the stimulus to optimize your progress


learn your caloric needs based on your own metabolic rate. Learn how to understand the foods you eat, and learn how to make the best choices about your selections

even when you are out or are limited


find out which supplements are vital, and how they affect your functioning. I will guide you to understand the many supplements available and what they can do for you


Resistance training

studies have linked sleep deprivation to  obesity and overweight adults

I like to eventually bring you to cardio activities that are beyond the treadmills...



     I will not put you on a treadmill and leave you alone... when you spend time with me as a trainer, I spend every minute with you to discuss the concepts of fitness. You will learn what you need to know to be able to eventually work on your own, and get the most out of when you have a partner, and most important, you will improve. My goal is to educate you. You will learn  habits and techniques to keep yourself in optimum health. There is a lot of work, but if you stay consistent, you will find it simple & rewarding to keep yourself  in optimum condition.

      Discover how working on your weakest  points will ease your discomforts: give you energy and vitality. you are as strong only as your weakest point, so we work to strengthen you from this measure. We are all working on improvement.

     One session is not enough to change your body permanently. For success ,I strongly recommend a minimum commitment: you must work out  five or more hours per week, eat properly, and train with a trainer, at least three days a week  or until you have established your program.

I am here to see your success, not just charge you per session, or per hour. I can help you , but I always tell my clients, YOU MUST WANT IT

      I understand that not everyone is ready for this level of intensity. however I do expect a commitment to your health that is everyday, weather you are on the gym floor or not...


    You will be assessed according to your current ability, and we will determine what your goals are. A better golf game? Running a marathon? Working thru an injury or just trying to slender your appearance, there is a way for you to train & a program to help you. 

     Measurements in weight alone will not be enough, as you gain muscle and lose fat, you weigh more, because pound for pound, muscle weighs more than fat. We will measure your size and your body mass, BMI and we will find your own metabolic rate and your caloric needs per day. you will be measured again at the ends of your cycles. More important, You will see a difference in the mirror that you will feel.



     With targeted resistance training, a well rounded, mindful approach with variations on exercise movements will allow you to know ways to exercise, which is proven to stimulate physical changes. I encourage the mind to muscle connection, balanced training, in combination to cardio and nutrition.

      Muscle does not turn to fat - its physically impossible. Muscle is made of a different kind of cells, and lack of use will cause the muscle to shrink ,or atrophy. We desire to tone the muscles (hypertrophy) to be efficient in the way your body is designed to work. Muscularity is sometimes misunderstood...

       You will learn to concentrate, isolate muscle groups, and appreciate the changes in your body. Inside every piece person is a champion waiting to be uncovered. You will feel your body, as it starts taking on the shape it was meant to have...and you will treat it as a piece of will transform your flesh.

       You can either have a lean, strong , athletic body, or a body that carries fat and toxicity. Viscous, excess fat secretes its own hormones and upsets your natural biology, resulting in cravings, mood swings and depression.

      Women sometimes are concerned about looking masculine, or “bulking out”. Both men and woman can prevent the overdeveloped look by structuring their strength-training program correctly. To strength train, you are putting your body in its element to reach its genetic potential, and to alter that , if you wish. For women,  training  with an awareness of your goals will get you moving in the right direction. I do not endorse the use of steroids. Serious bulking out does not happen quickly, and a person can quickly lose their muscle when it is not utilized. It does not turn to fat, it is metabolized and the body releases the waste. Just as fat is composed of excess carbohydrates and the variable fats that you consume. We will discuss these properties of bodybuilding further and answer all of your questions.



Cardiovascular fitness is the cornerstone of any fitness program. These aerobic workouts burn fat, increase the flow of oxygen to the body's muscles and vital organs, reduce stress and help protect you from heart attacks and many other degenerative diseases. Cardiovascular fitness can be achieved through any activity that involves continuous and rhythmic movement of large muscle groups at an intensity sufficient to elevate the heart rate to approximately 60% to 85% of your estimated maximal heart rate for prescribed lengths of time. This should be done from 3 to 7 days per week. The intensity, frequency and duration of the activity will be defined according to the activity, your initial fitness level and your rate of progress.



       You will learn to develop your strength by using body exercises , machine movement resistance, and free weights in a balanced, safe approach. You will learn different exercises and how to group them. you will learn the way to get the most out of your reps, not how many reps you do.   Work smarter.


  This is a term for the fact that the body gets acclimated for the stress you place on it, and you no longer respond by growing, it evens itself out to be efficient. This is where most workout programs go stale. This periodization causes you to stop seeing results- and lose your ambition. We plan the rate of increase with the proper nutritional needs to spur your growth with these cycles. This lays your goals out in a road map for you to follow until you learn the process . It is scientific and involves a lot of planning. Used by serious athletes looking for serious results. Mesocycles are made of smaller cycles and are usually broken down into weeks, so each day of the week you will know what part of your body to train. after a while you will learn to understand the “feedback” of your body and you will know how to tailor your workouts for your most benefit. There are quite a number of variations  in the cycles . The programs I lay out are based on this principal.


   The thing about all this work is proper rest and recuperation...the body heals from the workouts in your rest, and along with the diet and supplement to feed the body, rest is absolutely essential to your health. Losing excess bodyfat has been shown to enable better sleep, even reduce sleeping disorders and apnea. what you can do is learn that your body will need cycles of rest as well as work, and you will find your pulse and biorhythm. You will also discover that in your resting state you will possess more energy and clarity, and more efficiency.



  There is no fitness program without careful consideration to nutrition. Nutrition alone can cause weight loss. Weight can be, as we already discussed, something in the body... fat, muscle or even water. You want to focus on body composition, not weight, per say. You will have your own BMR and plan based on your caloric need.

    I also teach clients about whole foods, how to understand labels and processed foods. I show you you the best way and times to eat, and  the most efficient foods you can eat...AND how to prepare them, healthily and deliciously .

      I will show you how to plan  your meals and even how to chose your meals when your on the go. I include some of this information when I can on my site. I cant stress enough the importance of what you are putting into your body.