Welcome to my homepage. I believe that your life & vitality are one thing that you must cherish. Your relationships, your purpose - your work and craft, & even how much you enjoy your recreation... all are contingent upon the state of your personal wellness. Your body is in part the visible aspect of your being, it is one of the first things others notice about you, and its also partially what you represent to the world...It works in balance with what happens inside of you - if you look great, you will feel great. If you have the drive inside, your outside will also show it.

   The disciplines of a proper lifestyle has brought a quality & purpose to my life. This is why I became a personal trainer, and I like to think of my “training” practices as “personal”... Athletics is a science. It can be measured and quantified. But, inspiration is different. willpower and conviction come from another place. You need to combine your determination with the science and theory. I want to share with you the accumulation of what I have studied, and encourage each individual to reach for their own personal best ...and to begin their journey to their best life possible ... to realize that it is the journey we have, not the destination, that is what we have today. So make it count.


I have found that there are many sites with plenty of information that you need, So I don’t intend to rewrite the book about fitness science here. This is a personal site where I can direct you to helpful information that you need, that any personal trainer should provide in a program, and a place to share with you some of my personal experience and some of the joys about this lifestyle. I will guide you to the some of  best resources I know, the best websites and books, the people who inspire me, and the distilled knowledge I have from personal experience and as an I.S.S.A. professional. As I train with you, I will answer your questions and tailor your program to your needs:  you can find out about some of my training philosophies here:


   What You will find in this site are the elements of a fitness program to better any body, to compliment health and wellness, components that your program needs to have interlaced with my personal approach of balance and connection to what you do. My favorite fitness sites, products and foods that I find extremely useful, and  some inspiring people too. Check it out and send me feedback.  I hope that the site will help connect people  locally in our community too, so be sure to check out my community pages as they grow. ( If you would like to be listed in the community network, contact me within the sites e- mail.) There are special trainers, gyms and services right around the corner from you to help you on your path of personal well being...

   We have much to celebrate and be grateful for.  Never before in recorded history have we had the opportunity to be so connected to each other and have so much information. Witness the very things we all can strive for, and a real experience we may touch. I have gratitude for the people who influenced me, and I am grateful for everyday that we have to share on this planet... I believe all of the smaller elements in life contribute the larger whole. I hope that you can get inspired to get up and reach for your goals, improve your life, and fully experience & enjoy the essence of life;  health,  vitality,  love, and  breath ...beauty and balance - whatever your goals may be, to be the best version of yourself that you are!


      Elite fitness coaching. personal training. the

             art of fit. the  science  & the spiritual.

      Advanced training for men & women in the

                                 Tampa bay area. 

Scott Edwards’ training principals  integrate understanding of proper form, good nutritional choices,

yoga & balance, and an approach from the idea of building lifelong habits that will benefit your health and have lasting effects. 

respectfully yours,  Scott
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