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My ISSA certificate... Hard earned.

certification number 265007

Just because someone can get a document or a certification, It doesn't mean that they are an expert. 

  For me, this achievement demonstrates an investment in something that I practice. Its something that I believe in, something that I am passionate about.     

    Being an ISSA professional  allows me a unique resource to stay abreast of  current trends in ideas and the ability to sort out misinformation given by the media -the internet, television & magazines present much misinformation and misleading headlines to casual viewers. Continuing education includes seminars, conferences, & other forms of ongoing study with industry professionals. My experience translates to my personal work and the program that I create for my clientele. I study journals & publications. I belong to interest groups & keep my radar on news & trends in my field and what seems to be going on with the media .I write fitness articles on my blog,, & I examine the practical ways to improve training in a real way.

  I understand that there are some elements of psychology in sports. The accomplishment of goals can be more of a mental challenge than a physical one. I look to the spiritual aspects of making better choices and healthy , balanced living. Yoga is an awareness of your space and the space around you. Some trainers call it “form”. Whichever you prefer to call it, I believe that proper form is essential to safe and effective exercise, no matter if you are a seasoned professional or a beginner. Incorporating breathing and self awareness into the part of your fitness routine , as it incorporates breathing and mindfulness of your own space and the relationship of the space around you. I like to train with the mindful approach that enables awareness of your own body. I started to practice Hatha in 1994, which can be summarized as breath and stretching poses, and continue to study Syddha yoga to this day.

  I believe that all encompassing elements of fitness ~ the exercise, diet, and lifestyle choices ... add up to an art. As an artist, Learning these principals and bringing them into my practice have made me more successful. I have become better in my technical skill,  I have been tempered to achieve more... I have had a more quality experience in all areas in my life, and because of accomplishing my personal fitness goals, I have been able to apply the principals to  successes  in my other areas of my life.

  If I am able to change, so can you. You can enhance any level you are currently at. I did not once consider myself an athletic person, but I knew I could live better and feel better. So Can you!

this is  what I mean by the “art of fit”.


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